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Oct. 16, 2016

10-16-2016_001Good morning everyone *yawns and rubs her eyes*

10-16-2016_005Sam come take a look *tickles Leyre in her side*

10-16-2016_006Day of purple? *giggle softly*

10-16-2016_006aMeghan take a dance for me and we enjoying of each other

10-16-2016_006bI saw Latex at S&L and i walk to her for a nice and warm hug

10-16-2016_008At Lochme was Leyre in a Domme mood, I enjoying of her together with Wanda *smiles*


Oct. 15, 2016

10-15-2016_000I was at wander and Foxx thought with himself, this is enough for a wandering… i think *giggles*

10-15-2016_001He pull me on a naughty pole and Meani come take a look, together stretching them my nipples *grumbles*

10-15-2016_005A small moment of rest, nobody around me……  I think!

10-15-2016_006Mihra, Cheryl, sissy and Eve come take a look

10-15-2016_008Well, that was my thoughts *giggles* There happened more as only a look *smiles*

10-15-2016_009Later on the day, I meet Isalia and bound her very tight and locked her in a nice protected cell at home

Oct. 13, 2016

10-13-2016_000*thinks at the day* What for clothes should we wear today?

10-13-2016_001But first coffee!

10-13-2016_002And a lunch *mmmmmmmm*

10-13-2016_003Working on the OpenCollar update 6.3.1

10-13-2016_006Wandering around and I saw Felster in a cage, a little tease is always funny

10-13-2016_007Leyre a little help to her rl bed *grins*

10-13-2016_006aA little change on the land with other trees

10-13-2016_008Again sleep time *yawns* sleep well *blows a sweet kiss to everyone*

Oct. 11, 2016

10-11-2016_001The start of the day *smiles*

10-11-2016_002Leyre found at “the Storage” as a nice tight package like an Kitten Package *grins*

10-11-2016_003A little help can wonders do *giggles and pokes her tongue out*

10-11-2016_004Chris was a little spry when I visit on S&L *grins*

10-11-2016_006At HBC found I a nice pig as a AV, looks cute! Where is our chicken now for the soup?

10-11-2016_007On CRC place was everything very quiet, foggy and creepy. That happens in this days

10-11-2016_008Then a moment take for relaxing on Naked Bondage

Oct. 08, 2016

10-08-2016_001At S&L place where Stamkos and Miss Zoe me trying to lock

10-08-2016_003Someone took my leash and add the MD cuffs and after that, she lock me away for 4 hours in the POD at Gwen’s and Ame’s place

10-08-2016_005After four hours, was the POD done, but the cuffs not really!

10-08-2016_009Leyre takes a look how everything is going Lees verder →

Sept. 19, 2016

09-19-2016_002*Karin spanks Ro Kjeller’s ass …* Ro Kjeller: ow! HEY! *Vixen collar (spine): An unknown being has been locked by That being (“3 Post med”).*

09-19-2016_007Ro Kjeller: have fun!

Meghan a little more locked at Lochme *giggle* Lees verder →

Jul 16, 2016

A little talk with Kylie, after leashing at S&L

And a deeply conversation with Lil at S&L

Jul 3, 2016

And then was everything gone at S&L…

A message from the staff:
The Sim is gone . . .not sure what to say . . .I am at the point of tears . . .sucks that you trust someone and they do this to you. Not sure what we will do at this point . . .thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed our place . . .we appreciate you all!


a hour later follows this message:
We are in the process of getting the sim put back together! Thanks for all the support, donations and love! Going to be working hard to get it back up as soon as possible! Please be patient and don’t forget us! Can’t wait to see everyone again!

So everything coming back on the place!

Tine Rhode have safed me from the place where the griefer had played

Couple minutes later came Miss Pfil take a look and i get a transform to a ponygirl *grumbles*


Jul 02, 2016

a little bound at home

Meghan’s turn for this day at Storage

Miss Pfil found me lately on the evening

at S&L place *smiles*

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