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Jan. 01, 2019


Dec. 29, 2018

Meghan in Bane helmet

Dec. 26, 2018

Cuddle with Jo

Dec. 18, 2018

Jo took a look

Dec. 10, 2018

My new look

Jan. 07, 2018


Jan. 6, 2018


Jan. 2, 2018


Dec. 30, 2017


Dec. 28, 2017


Dec. 26, 2017


Dec. 16, 2017


Dec. 10, 2017



Oct. 22, 2017


April 29, 2017

04-29-2017_001I was in a depression mood and Leyre tried to turn a happy mood with couple songs

04-29-2017_002Later on the day was Cheryl and Jo there on my rez day *smiles happily*

April 24, 2017

04-24-2017_002Leyre come inworld take a look and I take quickly her leash for the next days *grins*

April 21, 2017

04-21-2017_003Shy and Felster nicely on them knees and we enjoying of everything around us.

04-21-2017_005Later on the day comes Jo and Leyre take a look with a little naughty mood *grins*

April 17, 2017

04-17-2017_002A bit cuddle with my partner Cheryl *smiles proud*

04-17-2017_005Later on the evening, nice and kind of talk in the park

April 05, 2017

04-05-2017_003.jpgFelster comes take a look and he wanted be locked for a while

04-05-2017_006Leyre was a little naughty! *looks to Leyre* And she asked just not be locked, at least not with words *giggle*

04-05-2017_007Meghan takes a look inworld on the time that we go to sleep *smiles*

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April 04, 2017

04-04-2017_012Leyre in her nicely tkISO together with Jo on my leash

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