Wardrobe [snapshot 1]

add-shoesAs first buy you something to wear at your AV. This time have I shoes bought and I’ll say how I do.In folder #AV have i many folders more, many with a dot before the foldername. Why? Read then the How to setup RLVa. In shoes have I maitreya folder for all shoes that fits with that foot.


Today work I with ScMh027 Europa. The folder must a unique folder are.

Save to disk

save-to-diskTake a snapshot “Save to disk” and select “custom”. After that can you the width and height correct make to 512×512.

In wardrobe go you to the option import and select Upload image. You get a new small screen and press beside the name Image, You shall see that you a image can upload. Select this from your computer and your picture is already filled and the title is filled with the name of your picture.

Make a good correction of the field title (like ScMh027 Europa) and fill the tags correct. When you now submit press is item in your wardrobe.

Refresh your page and you see.

Source: Karin Korpov
dd: 02/25/2017

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