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Feb. 28, 2017

02-28-2017_002Shy… Err… Susan in her maid suit, very nice to see *smiles proud*

02-28-2017_010Four pets of me were online *smiles wide* There comes a day that we all six online are

02-28-2017_012Each day is a wonderful day, when many of us online are. Makes me day again happy and give a big smile on my face.

I am happy with you all and I couldnot better wish with you all around me *smiles wide*

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Feb. 03, 2017

02-03-2017_001In the morning fight with my sleep *watch sleepy around*

02-03-2017_005Kitten catch I yesterday late for couple weeks is she now locked at our place

02-03-2017_006Meghan and Kitten are talking about bound life

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