Wardrobe [snapshot 2]


  1. Click the HUD’s snapshot button
  2. The HUD will instruct you to enter
  3. Uploading snapshot to your Wardrobe.
    • Please enter the title of the item in local chat or on channel 23 within the next 60 seconds.
    • Please enter the tags for the item in local chat (or on channel 23), separated by commas (e.g. gown, purple, low cut, elegant).
    • Please enter the remarks for the item in local chat (or on channel 23), or a single dot (‘.’) if you don’t want to add any remarks.
  4. Now take a snapshot of yourself wearing the outfit, click the viewer’s snapshot button and save to disk.
  5. 2017-02-27-3Drag the snapshot to your Wardrobe web page on import and choice import snapshots. Drag the picture on item, with the good title and click import (Note: you don’t have to do this after each snapshots, you can import multiple snapshots at once).

Source: carlyletheassolutions

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