Wardrobe [Take Off]

Take Off

Someone clothes or items take off do, that’s pretty easy. With mesh clothes and or items,
twornhat’s more or less the same. Only you need one step more to do. As first care that your AV inworld is. Somewhere with possibilities for scripts.

When you the wardrobe open have.. Seeing you a lots of care for buttons. This time let we our eye fall on “take off”. Click on the button “Worn Outfits” and you get a new popup in your brower. There is not yet something happened, we scrolling down and look what the person on that moment for items wear.


Each item has a unique name. With step 1 going the clothes off on the AV that you have selected. When you all item have “Take Off” done. Is the person naked *giggle*

There is a small note. The items with in the title (nostrip) works not in the wardrobe and that can you only ask on the person for doing this off. IF that need is.

When you ready are with this everything click on “Close” and the popup vanish again.

Source: CherylJoy Resident
date: 02/22/2017

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