Wardrobe [Worn]

Add clothes / items

For each item is possible to wear with the wardrobe, but an avatar has a limit from 38 attachment points. This can only the wearer see how much left have. This to find in appearance from your viewer.

select-areaWhen you the wardrobe have found and you seeing the wardrobe have you three areas. In take off have we Cheryl’s bra used so let us behave for back on to wear. Select Clothes – bra and you get on right side a picture with her bra.

select-wornYou have a title that the folder name is from her. Happy Bandeau Top, you can rating this product that she again see for more to wear. Click on the shirt that a red circle has in our picture.

Pictures: CherylJoy Resident
Source: Karin Korpov
dd: 02/25/2017

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