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Oct. 30, 2016

10-30-2016_008First a shower in the morning, a fresh start!

10-30-2016_015After that a bit relaxing

10-30-2016_020aCheryl come in the evening take a look and as result was she locked by Jane Continue reading →

Sept. 18, 2016

09-18-2016_004Cheryl and I are both a little in a tease mood *takes Cheryl’s leash and gives Jo’s leash at Cheryl*

Aug. 28, 2016

So nice when Jo takes a look after a week *grins*

Bea was a little in a Domme mood!

*looks to Leyre and giggle* So good view from here

Aug. 19, 2016

Meghan come at visit

I help Sam with his freedom

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