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Feb. 24, 2017


02-24-2017_050Some pictures has not any word needed *smiles*

02-24-2017_068Cheryl and I stand five years together (02/25/2012). Cheryl, I love you and thanks for the last five years.

02-24-2017_070On visit at Bea where she was locked for awhile

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Feb. 18, 2017

02-18-2017_001Moment of relaxing *smiles*

02-18-2017_003Cheryl comes takes a look together with Bea. Jo come just online

02-18-2017_008A butterfly, how nice and beautiful is this one

Nov. 22, 2016

11-22-2016_006Enjoying of sunset

11-22-2016_008Jo, Cheryl and Bea makes me happy with a visit

A song for dreaming away

Oct. 02, 2016

10-02-2016_003Jo was early awake! *grins*

10-02-2016_005We talking about the issues from Windows 10

10-02-2016_008Leyre come say a goodnight  Lees verder →

Sept. 25, 2016

09-25-2016_001Bea walked besides of me and I grabbed her leash for a while

09-25-2016_002And horny that she is… *blush*

09-25-2016_004*takes a look at Yay how it’s going with the locked victim

09-25-2016_005*grabs the leash of Felster and giggle* Got it!09-25-2016_007A little talk with Jenn and Leyre

09-25-2016_008*feels her itchy fingers and smiles* Whoops and now is Cheryl a little locked

09-25-2016_009A small talk with Meghan

Sept. 11, 2016

09-11-2016_002On visit at Bea

09-11-2016_004But she locked me tight away too in a horny cage

09-11-2016_005After a hour, yes of course… hanging on the ceiling, very much worser couldn’t anymore!

09-11-2016_007Before she left SL… I needed safe are for a while… *coughs* Lees verder →

Sept. 08, 2016

09-08-2016_002 A little talk with Bea *smiles wide*

09-08-2016_003 I was at wandering in a trap *chuckles*

Sept. 05, 2016

09-05-2016_001Beatrice is collared by Cheryl, congratulations both

Sept. 03, 2016

Aug. 28, 2016

So nice when Jo takes a look after a week *grins*

Bea was a little in a Domme mood!

*looks to Leyre and giggle* So good view from here

Aug. 13, 2016

At wandering and visit a FemDom place

Briefly Cheryl saying a hello at Lochme till Lady Jessica our stuff found in our wardrobe

And she did us together nicely tied up.

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