Setup folders and more

Additionally you usually need to get a so-called Relay. This is an attachment you wear that enables objects in-world to interact with your viewer. These Relays are usually free of charge and come as HUDs or pieces of jewelry you wear. It’s recommended to get a “Multi Relay“, so you can be controlled by more than one device at the same time.

firestorm_enable_rlva_new_folder_31If you also want to enable traps and toys to put folders into your inventory, you need go through a few additional steps:

  • Click on the RLVa menu
  • Uncheck Forbid Give to #RLV
  • Open your Inventory (CTRL-I)
  • Right click on My Inventory
  • Select New Folder
  • Rename the new folder to #RLV (be sure to use uppercase letters, exactly as shown here)
  • Do not use the following special characters in your folder name or path: “@ = : ; / ,

Now you should be able to accept inventory from traps and toys, which will automatically be moved into the #RLV folder tree.

Setup Folders
e0e50f512c15867698ec42d22e4c9bf71Within the Root I have three subfolders.

In the #AV Folder I have sub folders call Clothes and after that have I subfolders with the name: Asian, Casual, Classy, Gothic, Jewelry, Latex, Shoes, Skimpy and Swimsuits. In each of these I have subfolders matching the name of the clothing maker .. for example in “Latex” I have DV8, Hugo, Graves, Karu Karu, KAS, etc … and within each of these I have an outfit the matches the names of the outfits. I have with the original items of clothing in each folder.

The .outfits folder has two folders with name “.core” and a part of clothes with the name “Fea”. The folder “.core.” has default items what you always wear. The basic outfit can you see. In the folder “Fea” are only the items that each time changed. This option is only for Temple of the Collar™.

For Restraints, I have subfolders matching the type of restraint .. cuffs, collars, gags, straitjackets, etc .. and subfolders for the restraint maker and the type of restraint. For example, my ballgag is found under … Restraints > RR > Gags > Ballgag … with the original restraints within the folder.

How to make folder hidden?

In the last picture see you a “.” before the folder “outfit”, this means that the folder “hidden” is for the RLV search. This is possible for temporary or when you use the outfit folder for a Open Collar (Temple of the Collar™).

How to use the (nostrip) tag in RLV?

3396a998a87e7576670d8673868aa0deUsers of RLV enabled viewers often run into the problem that devices can take off certain attachments or clothing layers, destroying the look of their avatar. For example, RLV devices that offer shoes to be taken off also detach left and right foot attachments. For certain avatar types that use prim attachments for their feet, this destroys the overall look. You can fix this issue by using locking scripts that prevent the respective attachment from being taken off, but this has a couple of disadvantages:

  1. It uses additional scripts
  2. You can’t detach or take off these prims and clothing layers without unlocking them first

The solution is using the (nostrip) tag. Adding this tag to the name of an item or a folder instructs the RLV system to ignore these items when a detach or remove clothes command is sent. For this to work you must have the orginal items in your #RLV folder tree.

restricted_2What’s restricted?

Before you shout, “I can’t something more”. Should you first look what is blocked in your viewer. In RLVa is that quit easy to see. Go to RLVa in your topmenu and select Restrictions…

Go get a menu with all your restrictions at that moment.

Source: Toy Wylie and Cheryljoy Resident

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