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The Adventures of Karin Korpov, Juni 2016

The Adventures of Karin Korpov, Juni 2016

Dire Straights

Oct. 26, 2016

10-26-2016_001Isa takes a look inworld and we have a  little talk about the little things

Oct. 24, 2016

10-24-2016_005Isa plays a melody on her guitar.

10-24-2016_011Whoops, she found the straps of me *grumbles a little*

10-24-2016_017After that found she the cells too on the parcel

10-24-2016_021After a long time was I free and arrives Leyre

Oct. 18, 2016

10-17-2016_080With Leyre at wandering in the nature

10-17-2016_089Enjoying of the view from Leyre and Tana

Oct. 17, 2016

10-17-2016_010Just awake and Sare bound me for a day *giggle*

10-17-2016_048A nice picture

10-17-2016_057And sometimes come people back out the past *smiles proud*

10-17-2016_058Jo and Julia come take a look

10-17-2016_063Mihra and her sub Mina Lees verder →

Oct. 16, 2016

10-16-2016_001Good morning everyone *yawns and rubs her eyes*

10-16-2016_005Sam come take a look *tickles Leyre in her side*

10-16-2016_006Day of purple? *giggle softly*

10-16-2016_006aMeghan take a dance for me and we enjoying of each other

10-16-2016_006bI saw Latex at S&L and i walk to her for a nice and warm hug

10-16-2016_008At Lochme was Leyre in a Domme mood, I enjoying of her together with Wanda *smiles*


Oct. 14, 2016

10-14-2016_002In the morning coffee on bed *smiles*

10-14-2016_006Thinking what should I doing today?

10-14-2016_007First a shower *smiles*

10-14-2016_007aOops, Ari is locked in a cell

Lees verder →

Oct. 13, 2016

10-13-2016_000*thinks at the day* What for clothes should we wear today?

10-13-2016_001But first coffee!

10-13-2016_002And a lunch *mmmmmmmm*

10-13-2016_003Working on the OpenCollar update 6.3.1

10-13-2016_006Wandering around and I saw Felster in a cage, a little tease is always funny

10-13-2016_007Leyre a little help to her rl bed *grins*

10-13-2016_006aA little change on the land with other trees

10-13-2016_008Again sleep time *yawns* sleep well *blows a sweet kiss to everyone*

Oct. 11, 2016

10-11-2016_001The start of the day *smiles*

10-11-2016_002Leyre found at “the Storage” as a nice tight package like an Kitten Package *grins*

10-11-2016_003A little help can wonders do *giggles and pokes her tongue out*

10-11-2016_004Chris was a little spry when I visit on S&L *grins*

10-11-2016_006At HBC found I a nice pig as a AV, looks cute! Where is our chicken now for the soup?

10-11-2016_007On CRC place was everything very quiet, foggy and creepy. That happens in this days

10-11-2016_008Then a moment take for relaxing on Naked Bondage

Oct. 10, 2016

10-10-2016_001Good morning everyone *rubs in her eyes*

10-10-2016_005What should I today go to do? *thinks*

10-10-2016_007aYes… That’s a nice idea, we caught some people like Kira *grins*

10-10-2016_007And we lock her for couple hours in a strict cell at Gwen’s place

10-10-2016_009Whoops, forgotten that “Thanks Giving Day” is in Canada *giggles*

10-10-2016_009a*take the keys of Eve’s restrains* Whoops, that was fast enough… I think

10-10-2016_010*let her fingers slide on the restrains from Jo* Whoops, that locked in once out themselves… That’s strange *giggles*

Oct. 09, 2016

10-09-2016_002Dancing at Dance Island together with Jo *smiles*

10-09-2016_003Wander around at dangerous places like Lochme

10-09-2016_004And sometimes see you people at Ralf’s place, like Mihra

10-09-2016_008*gasps* Whoops, she noticed my relay at auto was…. So much dangerous sometimes *giggles* Lees verder →

Oct. 05, 2016

10-05-2016_013*grabs the leashes and smiles proud*

10-05-2016_016And in once, have we visit of a little witch

10-05-2016_019*smiles proud*

Nov. 26, 2015



Nov. 23, 2015


July 26, 2015

Something news of Jenny:
Hello my family,
Just thought I’d drop in and say hi.
Love, Hugs and Kisses,



07-26-2015_003Bella tries Evely hold in control

07-26-2015_007A little talk with Sam

07-26-2015_008And there is Cheryl *smiles brightly*

07-26-2015_010Meghan tries to come on her feet *giggles*

07-26-2015_019Time for my bed and sleep

July 19, 2015

Relax at Naked Bondage Island

Sometimes hear you sad news… and don’t know what to do. But i know, it happens in this world

A nice cuddle and talk with Sammy

And when Cheryl arrives a nice talk with her, Sammy and Meghan

Stand having fun listening to Sammy, who still get in more trouble and Cheryl. A nice and good entertainment and a very good Roleplay.

July 18, 2015






July 17, 2015

At home, talking with Jo
A nice cuddle and talk with mypartner Cheryl

July 13, 2015

A little talk with Sammy and Jo

June 29, 2015

New view of Secret Time Park

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