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Jun. 29, 2018



Oct. 15, 2017


April 17, 2017

04-17-2017_002A bit cuddle with my partner Cheryl *smiles proud*

04-17-2017_005Later on the evening, nice and kind of talk in the park

April 16, 2017

04-16-2017_002Together with Meghan taking a break with coffee

04-16-2017_003After the break, was she a little bound!

04-16-2017_007Later on the evening a bit dancing

April 15, 2017


Cheryl is a little in lock mood *giggle*

Oct. 25, 2016

10-25-2016_001aAt shopping at the place “Romper”, They have nice things for everyone

10-25-2016_002aAfter a while, come Leyre, Mihra and Mina take a look

10-25-2016_001Even Jo comes take a look and she grabs Leyre’s leash too *grins evilly*

Oct. 15, 2016

10-15-2016_000I was at wander and Foxx thought with himself, this is enough for a wandering… i think *giggles*

10-15-2016_001He pull me on a naughty pole and Meani come take a look, together stretching them my nipples *grumbles*

10-15-2016_005A small moment of rest, nobody around me……  I think!

10-15-2016_006Mihra, Cheryl, sissy and Eve come take a look

10-15-2016_008Well, that was my thoughts *giggles* There happened more as only a look *smiles*

10-15-2016_009Later on the day, I meet Isalia and bound her very tight and locked her in a nice protected cell at home

Oct. 07, 2016

10-07-2016_001In the morning first eat and then start the day again *smiles*

10-07-2016_002At visit on HBC and trying the FPS

Sept. 13, 2016

09-13-2016_001A nice kiss from Miss Pfil

Sept. 11, 2016

09-11-2016_002On visit at Bea

09-11-2016_004But she locked me tight away too in a horny cage

09-11-2016_005After a hour, yes of course… hanging on the ceiling, very much worser couldn’t anymore!

09-11-2016_007Before she left SL… I needed safe are for a while… *coughs* Continue reading →

Aug. 24, 2016

New header for Twitter

New header for WordPress

Catch by Ro Kjeller at S&L *giggle*

Aug. 5, 2016

Philip Macchi was again in the near and the result is that I am bound for couple hours.

Nov. 10, 2015

11-10-2015_001 11-10-2015_003

July 27, 2015

Meghan’s birthday


Meet Sammy

July 21, 2015

Enjoying fhe view at Ralfs place


July 20, 2015

at sailing with Adele

In the blacksea

A little talk with Sammy and Meghan

And as last of the day, a talk with Jo

July 19, 2015

Relax at Naked Bondage Island

Sometimes hear you sad news… and don’t know what to do. But i know, it happens in this world

A nice cuddle and talk with Sammy

And when Cheryl arrives a nice talk with her, Sammy and Meghan

Stand having fun listening to Sammy, who still get in more trouble and Cheryl. A nice and good entertainment and a very good Roleplay.

A bug found in the last version from Linden BigBird-RC

At request from Whirly have i an test done on the last build viewer from LindenLab (Second Life 3.8.1 (303130) Jun 30 2015 16:26:17). We were all hoping that the problem was gone, but sadly hasn’t happen.

In the Jira, stay the messages from Whirly, and the movies from me. How this could happen.

An bug (BUG-6925) and the ghosted attachments bug (BUG-7761), we are curious what the next step is, after this.

For everyone information, when BUG-6925, the reattachment does with RLV or RLVa give for everyone with a ALARM avaible on the RLV/RLVa stuff is the end result that a hovertext comes that the wearer has cheated and only can be removed by a keyholder.

We need a bit more patience have for let solving this problem by LindenLab.

You information about the “jira”? Click here

Movie 1 Second Life 3.8.1 (303130):

With RLV/RLVa would this a alarm give to the wearer

With RLV/RLVa happens this:

Movie 2 Second Life 3.8.1 (303130):

The problem teleport is at 3 mins 27 secs where you can see her mesh body attachment get ghosted. Karin still sees her mesh body attached locally but the body will no longer react to scripts and Karin shows on the video that an observer sees her mesh body as missing.

June 30, 2015

06-30-2015_002 06-30-2015_007
A dangerous place

June 17, 2015

Nice at wandering done and yes, of course a swing trying *smiles happily*

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