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Oct. 03, 2016

10-03-2016_001at visit to Sare

10-03-2016_002Meghan unlocked for a little time *grins*

10-03-2016_003Talking with Jo and Meghan

10-03-2016_004Talking with Minna

Oct. 01, 2016

10-01-2016_058Dancing with Leyre at Dance Island

10-01-2016_060At visit on Lochme and Khiana together with Eve were bound!

10-01-2016_065Felster a litte tighter made

10-01-2016_068And nice sailing at sea

Sept. 30, 2016

09-30-2016_001In the morning at visit on some places

09-30-2016_002And of course.. are there traps *giggles*

09-30-2016_016After that calling Minna for a dance

09-30-2016_009We talking a little bit about everything

09-30-2016_034We driving on a motor Lees verder →

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