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Dec. 10, 2017



Oct. 15, 2017


Sept. 17, 2017


Jan. 29, 2017

01-29-2017_001Take a new picture of new AO from Vista

01-29-2017_006At visit with Jenny on Miss Ashley place

01-29-2017_009So sweet!

01-29-2017_012Later in the evening come Meghan and Leyre take a look, in meantime listen we to music

Oct. 15, 2016

10-15-2016_000I was at wander and Foxx thought with himself, this is enough for a wandering… i think *giggles*

10-15-2016_001He pull me on a naughty pole and Meani come take a look, together stretching them my nipples *grumbles*

10-15-2016_005A small moment of rest, nobody around me……  I think!

10-15-2016_006Mihra, Cheryl, sissy and Eve come take a look

10-15-2016_008Well, that was my thoughts *giggles* There happened more as only a look *smiles*

10-15-2016_009Later on the day, I meet Isalia and bound her very tight and locked her in a nice protected cell at home

Oct. 10, 2016

10-10-2016_001Good morning everyone *rubs in her eyes*

10-10-2016_005What should I today go to do? *thinks*

10-10-2016_007aYes… That’s a nice idea, we caught some people like Kira *grins*

10-10-2016_007And we lock her for couple hours in a strict cell at Gwen’s place

10-10-2016_009Whoops, forgotten that “Thanks Giving Day” is in Canada *giggles*

10-10-2016_009a*take the keys of Eve’s restrains* Whoops, that was fast enough… I think

10-10-2016_010*let her fingers slide on the restrains from Jo* Whoops, that locked in once out themselves… That’s strange *giggles*

Oct. 01, 2016

10-01-2016_058Dancing with Leyre at Dance Island

10-01-2016_060At visit on Lochme and Khiana together with Eve were bound!

10-01-2016_065Felster a litte tighter made

10-01-2016_068And nice sailing at sea

Sept. 04, 2015

09-04-2016_005Sam in AFK land *giggle*

09-04-2016_006I meet Eve and after that came Leyre and Cheryl too, that’s very cozy.

Aug. 28, 2016

So nice when Jo takes a look after a week *grins*

Bea was a little in a Domme mood!

*looks to Leyre and giggle* So good view from here

July 1, 2015

At shopping ~uber~

And sometimes happens that your body not load after a teleport

At visit for the Canadia Day

May 16, 2015

Jo’s her 7th rezz day *chuckles* Happy Rezz Day Jo

A little dance with my partner Cheryl *smiles brightly*

May 14, 2015

*looks up and Smiles*

Uuuhhhmm, something is wrong here

Oohh it’s Thursday.. what is here wrong? uuhhmm, yes i am very late *giggles*

May 9, 2015

At visit to Miss Ashley, is very exciting

A little dance with Mistress and Bobbi

And after everything is there Cheryl *smiles brightly*

No words

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