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Dec. 29, 2018

Meghan in Bane helmet

Jan. 07, 2018


Jan. 6, 2018


Dec. 30, 2017


Dec. 28, 2017


Dec. 26, 2017


Dec. 3, 2017


Oct. 21, 2017


Aug. 07, 2017

08-07-2017_001Meghan has a nice gag between her lips *grins*

Aug. 01, 2017

Back in SL after 3 months *looks innocent to leashes*

April 26, 2017

04-26-2017_001A little conversation with Remmy, Felster and Myghan in cageroom *smiles proud*

April 16, 2017

04-16-2017_002Together with Meghan taking a break with coffee

04-16-2017_003After the break, was she a little bound!

04-16-2017_007Later on the evening a bit dancing

April 05, 2017

04-05-2017_003.jpgFelster comes take a look and he wanted be locked for a while

04-05-2017_006Leyre was a little naughty! *looks to Leyre* And she asked just not be locked, at least not with words *giggle*

04-05-2017_007Meghan takes a look inworld on the time that we go to sleep *smiles*

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Feb. 26, 2017

02-26-2017_015Jenny is busy with her updates of her restrains, that was a lot for a update.

02-26-2017_016Meghan come take a look and buy the last suit from CC

02-26-2017_018Left Meghan (Drone Toy) and right Leyre (Kitty) both on my leash.

Feb. 21, 2017

02-21-2017_005Abigail takes a look at Shy and Leyre *grins*

02-21-2017_013Later come Jo and Meghan take a look too *smiles proud*

Feb. 16, 2017

02-16-2017_003Leyre together with Jo on a leash, how pretty is that?

02-16-2017_006Meghan was playing with her gag *grins*

02-16-2017_007So nice to see and a wonderful picture

Feb. 15, 2017

02-15-2017_002Leyre has script seen! *chuckles*

02-15-2017_003Meghan coming to home before I go to sleep

Feb. 11, 2017

02-10-2017_012aMeghan give a nice demostration of her stuff.

Feb. 08, 2017

Feb. 03, 2017

02-03-2017_001In the morning fight with my sleep *watch sleepy around*

02-03-2017_005Kitten catch I yesterday late for couple weeks is she now locked at our place

02-03-2017_006Meghan and Kitten are talking about bound life

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