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Feb. 26, 2017

02-26-2017_015Jenny is busy with her updates of her restrains, that was a lot for a update.

02-26-2017_016Meghan come take a look and buy the last suit from CC

02-26-2017_018Left Meghan (Drone Toy) and right Leyre (Kitty) both on my leash.


I am at twitter too, more photo’s and more live moments…

Nov. 07, 2016

11-07-2016_008The days starts again, first a shower *smiles wide*

11-07-2016_009After a while was Julia awake *smile happy*

11-07-2016_031Jo and Julia playing a little with the basket *giggles*

11-07-2016_031aLater in the evening come someone for a lock in a cell *grins* Lees verder →

Oct. 29, 2016

10-29-2016_000aA new dress from Candydoll

10-29-2016_000bNice dress from TeeFy

10-29-2016_000cLittle talk with Leyre and Jo on the dock

10-29-2016_000dMythryn come take a look on the beach side Lees verder →

Oct. 25, 2016

10-25-2016_001aAt shopping at the place “Romper”, They have nice things for everyone

10-25-2016_002aAfter a while, come Leyre, Mihra and Mina take a look

10-25-2016_001Even Jo comes take a look and she grabs Leyre’s leash too *grins evilly*

Sept. 14, s0216

09-14-2016_001A little talk with Totally and Ullen on a fair place *giggles*

July 2, 2015

07-02-2015_001 07-02-2015_005 07-02-2015_007
More pictures of the party: Flick.r


July 1, 2015

At shopping ~uber~

And sometimes happens that your body not load after a teleport

At visit for the Canadia Day

June 3, 2015

Nice at shopping

May 27, 2015

At shopping with Mistress Julia *smiles*

And a bit wander, oops.. i mean locked are *giggles*

And a cuddle is important too *smiles brightly*

May 01, 2015

*looks up to Cheryl* uuhhmm Some of us are smaller

Sammy come take a look at us *smiles*

A little shopping Lees verder →

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