Wardrobe [email]

add-shoesAs first buy you something to wear at your AV. This time have I shoes bought and I’ll say how I do.In folder #AV have i many folders more, many with a dot before the foldername. Why? Read then the How to setup RLVa. In shoes have I maitreya folder for all shoes that fits with that foot.


Today work I with ScMh027 Europa. The folder must a unique folder are.


Now going we the foldername email send to the wardrobe of yourself. Before you that can and works needs your settings more adjusting. The defaultaddress is wardrobe@carlyletheassolutions.com. The from field have I my name done. The width and height have I done as 512×512email-setting

When you this everything have done, can we send a email to the wardrobe. To field fill you with the email address, wardrobe@carlyletheassolutions.com. Subject name is the title in your wardrobe. In the body follows the tags on the first row and the second row your remarks.email

email-sendWhen you press on send follows a message under the button send. If this everything is done, then is the item of this in your wardrobe. Inworld are we finished and we can go to your wardrobe on internet.

refreshWhen you look in your wardrobe and you know the way, then is very easy. Refresh your wardrobe and you will see the item in your wardrobe.

2017-02-22-2Press after refresh on today and you will see your items that you today have done.

Source: Karin Korpov


Note dd 02/24/2017:

RC Release E-mail Issue

One of the changes on the RC release is to increase privacy protection on e-mails – which is a good thing. However, it now means that the viewer is performing a check it doesn’t need to do, and as a result, sending snapshots to e-mail ((aka “postcards”) can fail or encounter problems.

There is a viewer-side fix for this in the works, but it has yet to clear LL’s QA, but will be appearing in a viewer once it has. It also means that all viewers which do not have the fix can encounter issues when trying to send snapshots to e-mails, and so will also have to include the fix as well.

Source: Modemworld.me

Note dd 03/05/2017

To try to reduce this problem, the Lab recently introduced e-mail verification. When you sign-up to Second Life, the e-mail account provided will receive a request to verify it (the usual click-on-the-link approach); if you change the e-mail address, you will receive a similar verification request.

Source: Modemworld.me


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