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April 26, 2017

04-26-2017_001A little conversation with Remmy, Felster and Myghan in cageroom *smiles proud*

April 24, 2017

04-24-2017_002Leyre come inworld take a look and I take quickly her leash for the next days *grins*

April 21, 2017

04-21-2017_003Shy and Felster nicely on them knees and we enjoying of everything around us.

04-21-2017_005Later on the day comes Jo and Leyre take a look with a little naughty mood *grins*

April 05, 2017

04-05-2017_003.jpgFelster comes take a look and he wanted be locked for a while

04-05-2017_006Leyre was a little naughty! *looks to Leyre* And she asked just not be locked, at least not with words *giggle*

04-05-2017_007Meghan takes a look inworld on the time that we go to sleep *smiles*

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Nov. 07, 2016

11-07-2016_008The days starts again, first a shower *smiles wide*

11-07-2016_009After a while was Julia awake *smile happy*

11-07-2016_031Jo and Julia playing a little with the basket *giggles*

11-07-2016_031aLater in the evening come someone for a lock in a cell *grins* Lees verder →

Oct. 13, 2016

10-13-2016_000*thinks at the day* What for clothes should we wear today?

10-13-2016_001But first coffee!

10-13-2016_002And a lunch *mmmmmmmm*

10-13-2016_003Working on the OpenCollar update 6.3.1

10-13-2016_006Wandering around and I saw Felster in a cage, a little tease is always funny

10-13-2016_007Leyre a little help to her rl bed *grins*

10-13-2016_006aA little change on the land with other trees

10-13-2016_008Again sleep time *yawns* sleep well *blows a sweet kiss to everyone*

Oct. 01, 2016

10-01-2016_058Dancing with Leyre at Dance Island

10-01-2016_060At visit on Lochme and Khiana together with Eve were bound!

10-01-2016_065Felster a litte tighter made

10-01-2016_068And nice sailing at sea

Sept. 26, 2016

09-26-2016_001Felster moving to a other place for the next 24 hours *grins*

09-26-2016_002Jo come online *smiles happily*

09-26-2016_005A small talk and little cuddle *smiles*

Sept. 25, 2016

09-25-2016_001Bea walked besides of me and I grabbed her leash for a while

09-25-2016_002And horny that she is… *blush*

09-25-2016_004*takes a look at Yay how it’s going with the locked victim

09-25-2016_005*grabs the leash of Felster and giggle* Got it!09-25-2016_007A little talk with Jenn and Leyre

09-25-2016_008*feels her itchy fingers and smiles* Whoops and now is Cheryl a little locked

09-25-2016_009A small talk with Meghan

Sept. 15, 2016

09-15-2016_002Leyre a little locked in her ISOsuit *grins*

09-15-2016_003Ari walked around at Ame’s place with her keys on *took her keys*

09-15-2016_005A little talk with Felster about the restrictions at Storage

Sept. 10, 2016

09-10-2016_003Leyre is locked and AFK! Would I unlock her?

09-10-2016_006Yes, I did.. and she locked me in a cage.. How naughty can you are?

09-10-2016_007I was at wander, after the unlock of Leyre, and I saw Felster. Of course needs he a big cage for a couple days… *grins*

09-10-2016_009Soooooooo, sweet of my partner Cheryl.. A long kiss *smiles happily*

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