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Nov. 08, 2016


11-08-2016_035*giggles* Hmmmm…. Yummy!

11-08-2016_040Meghan is back of her trip, together with Julia a warm welcome for her. Aurora comes take a look too. Lees verder →

Nov. 05, 2016

11-05-2016_006a*smiles wide* Julia and Jo talking about a few naughty things *tugs at the leashes*

11-05-2016_006*smiles wide and search around for the evil box* When Leyre there was, comes the evil box with her

11-05-2016_011A little cuddle with “isolated” Leyre *grins*

11-05-2016_012And a day has a end, sleep well *kisses*

Oct. 17, 2016

10-17-2016_010Just awake and Sare bound me for a day *giggle*

10-17-2016_048A nice picture

10-17-2016_057And sometimes come people back out the past *smiles proud*

10-17-2016_058Jo and Julia come take a look

10-17-2016_063Mihra and her sub Mina Lees verder →

Oct. 16, 2016

10-16-2016_001Good morning everyone *yawns and rubs her eyes*

10-16-2016_005Sam come take a look *tickles Leyre in her side*

10-16-2016_006Day of purple? *giggle softly*

10-16-2016_006aMeghan take a dance for me and we enjoying of each other

10-16-2016_006bI saw Latex at S&L and i walk to her for a nice and warm hug

10-16-2016_008At Lochme was Leyre in a Domme mood, I enjoying of her together with Wanda *smiles*


Oct. 14, 2016

10-14-2016_002In the morning coffee on bed *smiles*

10-14-2016_006Thinking what should I doing today?

10-14-2016_007First a shower *smiles*

10-14-2016_007aOops, Ari is locked in a cell

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