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Nov. 06, 2016

11-06-2016_015A talk with Julia means lot

11-06-2016_016New sexy top bought *smiles proud*

11-06-2016_020Sometimes is a dance very well for a relax moment

11-06-2016_021bJo brings a goodnight kiss *pull at her tongue* Lees verder →

Oct. 14, 2016

10-14-2016_002In the morning coffee on bed *smiles*

10-14-2016_006Thinking what should I doing today?

10-14-2016_007First a shower *smiles*

10-14-2016_007aOops, Ari is locked in a cell

Lees verder →

Sept. 15, 2016

09-15-2016_002Leyre a little locked in her ISOsuit *grins*

09-15-2016_003Ari walked around at Ame’s place with her keys on *took her keys*

09-15-2016_005A little talk with Felster about the restrictions at Storage

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