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Jan. 17, 2018


Nov. 25, 2016

11-25-2016_001The day start with a mug coffee

11-25-2016_001aOops…. That was my shoptime

11-25-2016_001bSome clothes has a washer needed, so the laundry need be done. Lees verder →

Oct. 30, 2016

10-30-2016_008First a shower in the morning, a fresh start!

10-30-2016_015After that a bit relaxing

10-30-2016_020aCheryl come in the evening take a look and as result was she locked by Jane Lees verder →

July 20, 2015

at sailing with Adele

In the blacksea

A little talk with Sammy and Meghan

And as last of the day, a talk with Jo

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