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Nov. 28, 2016

11-28-2016_000In the morning always a mug coffee, make a day better 🙂

11-28-2016_001Enjoying of the sunset

11-28-2016_003Thinking what would i do *grins*

11-28-2016_007aStill a nude day *giggles*

The Bangles, Eternal Flame

Nov. 27, 2016

11-27-2016_001aCheryl come for a small moment, always nice when she come

11-27-2016_002Enjoying of a mug coffee

11-27-2016_004Cuddle with Julia Lees verder →

Nov. 26, 2016

11-26-2016_003Later on the day come Jo and Julia take a look at home *smiles proud*

11-26-2016_004And then is there a moment of sleep *blows a kiss*

Nov. 25, 2016

11-25-2016_001The day start with a mug coffee

11-25-2016_001aOops…. That was my shoptime

11-25-2016_001bSome clothes has a washer needed, so the laundry need be done. Lees verder →

The Adventures of Karin Korpov, Juni 2016

The Adventures of Karin Korpov, Juni 2016

Dire Straights

Nov. 24, 2016

11-24-2016_001Brianna wanted locked by me *giggle loud*

11-24-2016_002Julia gives me a pep talk *smiles*

11-24-2016_004And a small cuddle moment

Rene Froger ~ Why are you so beautiful

Nov. 23, 2016

11-23-2016_003Good morning at this wonderful day *kisses*

11-23-2016_004Together with Julia talking about clothes Lees verder →

Nov. 22, 2016

11-22-2016_006Enjoying of sunset

11-22-2016_008Jo, Cheryl and Bea makes me happy with a visit

A song for dreaming away

Nov. 21, 2016

11-21-2016_001aA nice cuddle with Julia *smiles happy*

11-21-2016_001And then is Meghan there, very playful *grins*

11-21-2016_005Looks this not nice? *chuckles* Lees verder →

Nov. 20, 2016

11-20-2016_001Jo and Leyre are playing with together *smiles wide*

11-20-2016_001aAnd luck is there Cheryl too

Nov. 19, 2016

11-19-2016_001Jo come take a look around

11-19-2016_001aA mug coffee does much

Nov. 18, 2016

11-18-2016_001aA nice bath in the morning *smiles happy*

11-18-2016_001bAnd after that a big mok coffee

11-18-2016_007Little time for a relax Lees verder →

Nov. 17, 2016

11-17-2016_001Julia was there and we walked around in the world

11-17-2016_000Enjoying of a bath after a long day *smiles*

Nov. 16, 2016

11-16-2016_000Enjoying of the sunset and “Free Willy”

11-16-2016_005Secret Sands

11-16-2016_006aLater on the day, come Meghan take a look *grins*

Lees verder →

Nov. 15, 2016

11-15-2016_001aGood morning everyone *Kiss* a new day with new worries *grins*

11-15-2016_007Philip come take a look

11-15-2016_008aWith a result that I lock are *chuckles*

11-15-2016_009Of course in a cell, together with Julia *licks her lips* Lees verder →

Nov. 13, 2016


Nov. 09, 2016

11-09-2016_006In the morning is Julia there *smiles wide*

11-09-2016_040The three sweeties *smiles proud*

11-09-2016_009After a while, come Jo takes a look how everything was going with us all

11-09-2016_014Jo and Leyre take a nice warm bath

11-09-2016_022In meantime take i a nice picture of myself at request from someone *giggles*

11-09-2016_026Of course was Leyre at home for a moment *giggles* Soon was she kidnapped

11-09-2016_038A small moment of rest *smiles*

11-09-2016_039The laundry needed to be done

Nov. 08, 2016


11-08-2016_035*giggles* Hmmmm…. Yummy!

11-08-2016_040Meghan is back of her trip, together with Julia a warm welcome for her. Aurora comes take a look too. Lees verder →

Nov. 07, 2016

11-07-2016_008The days starts again, first a shower *smiles wide*

11-07-2016_009After a while was Julia awake *smile happy*

11-07-2016_031Jo and Julia playing a little with the basket *giggles*

11-07-2016_031aLater in the evening come someone for a lock in a cell *grins* Lees verder →

Nov. 06, 2016

11-06-2016_015A talk with Julia means lot

11-06-2016_016New sexy top bought *smiles proud*

11-06-2016_020Sometimes is a dance very well for a relax moment

11-06-2016_021bJo brings a goodnight kiss *pull at her tongue* Lees verder →

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