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April 05, 2017

04-05-2017_003.jpgFelster comes take a look and he wanted be locked for a while

04-05-2017_006Leyre was a little naughty! *looks to Leyre* And she asked just not be locked, at least not with words *giggle*

04-05-2017_007Meghan takes a look inworld on the time that we go to sleep *smiles*

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April 04, 2017

04-04-2017_012Leyre in her nicely tkISO together with Jo on my leash

Feb. 28, 2017

02-28-2017_002Shy… Err… Susan in her maid suit, very nice to see *smiles proud*

02-28-2017_010Four pets of me were online *smiles wide* There comes a day that we all six online are

02-28-2017_012Each day is a wonderful day, when many of us online are. Makes me day again happy and give a big smile on my face.

I am happy with you all and I couldnot better wish with you all around me *smiles wide*

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Feb. 23, 2017

02-23-2017_001Jo and Jenny come take a look how everything going on the home front

02-23-2017_004Leyre was a little lazy in the beginning of the day

02-23-2017_010*looks around and counts the keys* The sea has many more keys, thanks to Leyre

Oct. 18, 2016

10-17-2016_080With Leyre at wandering in the nature

10-17-2016_089Enjoying of the view from Leyre and Tana

Oct. 05, 2016

10-05-2016_013*grabs the leashes and smiles proud*

10-05-2016_016And in once, have we visit of a little witch

10-05-2016_019*smiles proud*

Sept. 21, 2016

09-21-2016_001Nicely locked *grins*

Sept. 05, 2016

09-05-2016_001Beatrice is collared by Cheryl, congratulations both

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