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Jun. 26, 2019


Jun. 24, 2019

Jan. 01, 2019

Dec. 26, 2018

Cuddle with Jo

Dec. 18, 2018

Jo took a look

Dec. 10, 2018

My new look

Jan. 07, 2018


Jan. 6, 2018


Jan. 2, 2018


Dec. 30, 2017


Dec. 28, 2017


Dec. 16, 2017


April 05, 2017

04-05-2017_003.jpgFelster comes take a look and he wanted be locked for a while

04-05-2017_006Leyre was a little naughty! *looks to Leyre* And she asked just not be locked, at least not with words *giggle*

04-05-2017_007Meghan takes a look inworld on the time that we go to sleep *smiles*

Lees verder →

April 04, 2017

04-04-2017_012Leyre in her nicely tkISO together with Jo on my leash

March 06, 2017

03-06-2017_001a*smiles* Jenny takes a moment for us two *grins widely on her shoulder about Cheryl story*

03-06-2017_001*pokes Leyre and smiles* Small moment later *giggle*

Day song:


Feb. 18, 2017

02-18-2017_001Moment of relaxing *smiles*

02-18-2017_003Cheryl comes takes a look together with Bea. Jo come just online

02-18-2017_008A butterfly, how nice and beautiful is this one

Feb. 09, 2017

A day with many pictures for my profile, a photo day!

Feb. 08, 2017

Feb. 02, 2017

02-02-2017_014Little talk with Leyre *smiles*

02-02-2017_069A picture Lees verder →

Jan. 30, 2017

01-30-2017_001*looks down* Oops, the keys are lost!

01-30-2017_002Later on the day playing “Greedy Greedy” together with Leyre


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