Oct. 29, 2016

10-29-2016_000aA new dress from Candydoll

10-29-2016_000bNice dress from TeeFy

10-29-2016_000cLittle talk with Leyre and Jo on the dock

10-29-2016_000dMythryn come take a look on the beach side

10-29-2016_000fKevin wanted teach for better English *chuckles softly*

10-29-2016_003*tugs at her cuffs and bite on her gag ball*

10-29-2016_006Sare Piers gives a forced teleport to her

10-29-2016_013After a while was I free and Jo come take a look for the night

10-29-2016_014Couple minutes after Jo, did Leyre the same *takes quickly the keys of her arms*

10-29-2016_015Sleep well, everyone *kisses*

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