Oct. 09, 2016

10-09-2016_002Dancing at Dance Island together with Jo *smiles*

10-09-2016_003Wander around at dangerous places like Lochme

10-09-2016_004And sometimes see you people at Ralf’s place, like Mihra

10-09-2016_008*gasps* Whoops, she noticed my relay at auto was…. So much dangerous sometimes *giggles*

10-09-2016_009Together are we wandering at Ralf’s place and seeing we a lot.

10-09-2016_011When I back was at home, come Jo and Sam. So sweet of both and how they playing with together *grins*

10-09-2016_016And in once, got I a force TP from Sare.

10-09-2016_024Ouch! *moans gently when she a slap gives* That doing hurt!

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