Oct. 08, 2016

10-08-2016_001At S&L place where Stamkos and Miss Zoe me trying to lock

10-08-2016_003Someone took my leash and add the MD cuffs and after that, she lock me away for 4 hours in the POD at Gwen’s and Ame’s place

10-08-2016_005After four hours, was the POD done, but the cuffs not really!

10-08-2016_009Leyre takes a look how everything is going

10-08-2016_012After 6 hours lock time, comes Cheryl inworld and she was a little in a “Domme” mood *grins*

10-08-2016_016With a result that i again was locked for couple hours long

10-08-2016_018After many hours lock time today, a little relax time with dancing

10-08-2016_022After the dancing a little wander before i going to sleep, was my thoughts *giggles* but Aria was her thoughts else

10-08-2016_024She lock me away for again couple hours again


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  1. busy day *laughs*

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