Jul 3, 2016

And then was everything gone at S&L…

A message from the staff:
The Sim is gone . . .not sure what to say . . .I am at the point of tears . . .sucks that you trust someone and they do this to you. Not sure what we will do at this point . . .thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed our place . . .we appreciate you all!


a hour later follows this message:
We are in the process of getting the sim put back together! Thanks for all the support, donations and love! Going to be working hard to get it back up as soon as possible! Please be patient and don’t forget us! Can’t wait to see everyone again!

So everything coming back on the place!

Tine Rhode have safed me from the place where the griefer had played

Couple minutes later came Miss Pfil take a look and i get a transform to a ponygirl *grumbles*


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