Help with understand​ing RLV

Just to be slightly pedantic, RLV isn’t a script that’s put into an object, RLV is a set of functions that are in the viewer that are leveraged by a script that is put into an object and for it to have any effect, that object must be rezzed or worn by the person owning the object containing the script.

In other words, RLV must be enabled in a compatible viewer and the user of that viewer must relog with it enabled BEFORE anything can happen when using an RLV enabled object.

► What is RLV (Restrained Love Viewer)?

RLV stands for “Restrained Love Viewer”. It is a modified viewer that permits other avatars and traps control over your avatar. They might remove your clothing, force you to sit on objects or inflict restrictions like denying you to wear clothing or teleport for example.

RLV viewers are available from several 3rd parties in both Viewer 1 and Viewer 5 interface. So pick one that you prefer.

Viewer 1 – Singularity or COOL VL viewer are probably the most popular all round Viewer 1 choice.

Viewer 5 – Firestorm, Catznip, Kokua, Marine Kelley’s RLV 2 or Black Dragon are examples of popular Viewer 5 choices.

RLV was originally associated with the BDSM community. But because the commands offer features not available to the standard viewer, scripters can also use RLV for other things. It is not necessarily BDSM related anymore. Examples are:

  • Wet T-shirt contest products
  • Store models that let the customer choose the outfit that the model wears prior to purchase
  • Child role play “restraints” such as force TP home for dinner
  • Rotating an avatar to face a particular direction

► How does it work?

RLV commands are sent from a scripted object that you own. It must be either rezzed inworld in the same region as where you are or be something you wear. Without a scripted object that is owned by you, there is NO extra interaction to your avatar possible.

► What is a Relay?

You must OWN a scripted object for it to be able to interact with you (and usually you need to wear it too). Therefore other avatars and objects that you do not own need a relay to send commands to you. The relay must be owned by you. They send a command to your relay. The relay sends the command to you. And then you will have to obey.

It is possible for objects in a different region to send commands to a worn relay. Many collars include a relay, see below. Relays are almost always free. There are many to choose from. Most will give you the ability to set permissions. Usually you can choose between allowing automatic access, limited access or that you always have to grant permission for a person or object to interact with you.

Relays: – SatomiDEM

► So if I remove the scripted object, nothing can interact and it’s like the normal viewer?

Correct, now you understand it completely!

► What’s a “Collar”?

A collar is a scripted product primarily aimed at the D/s, Master/Slave community. The collar will be worn by the sub/slave. And although the collar is physically owned by the wearer, the collar will commonly have an “owner” as being their master/dom. In that way their owner can exert control over the sub.

► I don’t want a collar, i’m not into that!

You don’t have to have one, that’s just a common item for the community that are among the most prevalent users. There are MANY other RLV enabled toys out there.

► I’ve heard of “RLV Shared Folders”. Does this mean others can steal my inventory?

In a word, NO!

When using RLV you can create a folder in inventory called #RLV. Scripted objects can let others see the content of this folder #RLV and folders below it. Objects can also offer you inventory that will go into this location. This gives (people using) objects with access to these folders the ability to force you to wear items. For example, during role play they might find a set of handcuffs and force you to wear them. If you don’t put items there they can’t access them, simple as that. You are letting people view what you offer. There is no inventory stealing or transfer.

► If I use RLV, can people steal my money?

NO! No, no and no! These are the silly paranoid stories touted by the ill informed. Before anyone or any object can take your money, it will pop up a very conspicuous yellow dialog box asking for permissions to debit your account. If you see one of these it doesn’t automatically mean it’s about to drain your account. It just means that it is seeking the permission to take money if it needs to. The question really is about trust. Do you trust the person who gave it to you or the creator of the object? Affiliate vendors are one example where debit permissions might be requested. This yellow dialog box will pop up even if you are under RLV restrictions and you will be able to deny permission.

► Surely griefers target people with RLV?

Maybe, maybe not. It’s actually very rare. Being stripped of clothing might occur a bit more as you get caught in traps or whatever. But then, if that’s a huge problem, RLV isn’t for you.

► What if I don’t like it. How do I get out or escape?

Worst case scenario, relog. There’s nothing bad that anyone can do to an RLV user over a normal viewer. If you relog with RLV features disabled, you can detach any locked products and there will no longer be any restrictions in force. Some products may save their locked setting and restrictions even though you can reset scripts. Others will lose their restrictions when you reset scripts. This is up to how the scripted item is implemented. Sassy’s products will retain RLV restrictions upon relog back into RLV. And it is common for most relays to also allow you to be recaptured immediately on login. So if no help is nearby and you want to escape permanently… You need to detach the products after relogging with the RLV features disabled.

RLV will NOT damage your PC, it will not require you to re-install Windows to escape and yes i’ve heard all claims before.

I’ve long held that RLV should stand for Really Lotsmorefun Viewer.

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