Oct. 12, 2016

10-12-2016_020*thinking at many things*

10-12-2016_020aA little bit help to Leyre after her long time locked in a cell and ISO suit *smiles proud*

10-12-2016_020bAnd in once comes a very good old friend inworld *smiles happily* with a bit help with her restrains that very tight locked are

10-12-2016_026Whoops…. And that was her thoughts too, seems *tugs at her cuffs and sighs bye by freedom*

10-12-2016_030After a time was everything alright again and unlocked for me, so……. *shouts loud* Leyre your turn!

10-12-2016_030a*looks down and smiles, thinks… I am here more safe with my open RLV as downstairs*

10-12-2016_032And then is sleep time for me *blows a kiss to everyone* I hope that everyone enjoy as what i do.

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