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A bug found in the last version from Linden BigBird-RC

At request from Whirly have i an test done on the last build viewer from LindenLab (Second Life 3.8.1 (303130) Jun 30 2015 16:26:17). We were all hoping that the problem was gone, but sadly hasn’t happen.

In the Jira, stay the messages from Whirly, and the movies from me. How this could happen.

An bug (BUG-6925) and the ghosted attachments bug (BUG-7761), we are curious what the next step is, after this.

For everyone information, when BUG-6925, the reattachment does with RLV or RLVa give for everyone with a ALARM avaible on the RLV/RLVa stuff is the end result that a hovertext comes that the wearer has cheated and only can be removed by a keyholder.

We need a bit more patience have for let solving this problem by LindenLab.

You information about the “jira”? Click here

Movie 1 Second Life 3.8.1 (303130):

With RLV/RLVa would this a alarm give to the wearer

With RLV/RLVa happens this:

Movie 2 Second Life 3.8.1 (303130):

The problem teleport is at 3 mins 27 secs where you can see her mesh body attachment get ghosted. Karin still sees her mesh body attached locally but the body will no longer react to scripts and Karin shows on the video that an observer sees her mesh body as missing.


July 9, 2015

A Sammy that a little naughty is for a little time? *chuckles*

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